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Why the “Dolly Mama”?

“There are two days in a year where nothing can be done.  One is called yesterday and the other is called tomorrow.  Today is the right day to love, do, believe and live.”  (The Dalai Lama)

It’s 1:51 am and I am awake. Thinking about starting this blog.  Laying in bed, saying to myself, “Just get up and make one post.”  What to write? Where to start?  I need to start now.  Live and do today.

Why the blog name, “The Dolly Mama”?  A few days ago, I was on the phone with my adult married daughter and teacher, Sarah.  I said to her, as I usually do, when we are getting off the phone, “Love you, Dolly.”  She quickly asked, “Do you call us all ‘Dolly,'” referring to her other siblings – two younger brothers and a younger sister.  “Yes.  Yes, I do.”  “Then your new nickname will be the “Dolly Mama.”  We both pretty much belly-laughed, Sarah being so proud of her humor, and within about a minute and a half, I was sharing this joke and this new nickname with anyone that would listen.

I do have individual nicknames for my husband (“Bunny,” “Sweetheart”) and my kids (“Peanut” and “Sarah Doodle” for Sarah, “the J-Man” for Jared, “Bean” for Josh and “Rachie Bug,” “Squachel” and “the Scratcher” for Rachel).  These nicknames came about for so many reasons.  They morphed from one thing into another over time, so that sometimes I don’t even remember how I got to this final destination and name.

A name is what we use to identify ourselves and others.  A nickname brings us to a whole different level, one more familiar and personal, expressing love and relationship with another.  As I think about each one of these nicknames I have for my kids and even the nicknames they have been given by others, memories flood my mind, recalling when and why each one was given.

My favorite nickname is the one Sarah has for Jared.  When he was born, she was only 18 months old, and she combined the words, “brother” and “Jared” and tried to call him “Bread.”  But she wasn’t quite good at it yet, so she ended up, in her cute voice, morphing the word and calling him “Riddid.”  It’s 23 years later, and many times, she still calls him that.  And my heart smiles as I recall the love they share and that special memory that only a few of us understand and know.

So, here I am, “The Dolly Mama,” something given to me in Spring of 2017, and which I hope lasts a life time.

I would love you to comment and tell me your nicknames, ones you are called and ones you are given and the memories that go along with them.   And to my precious subscribers, thank you…we can encourage each other to live in the daily…


Sappy, sarcastic, serious and spiritual hope-bringer. Eat my potato chips with milk.

12 thoughts on “Why the “Dolly Mama”?

  1. Hi Esther. My favorite nickname is “Busy Bee” given to me by my husband because of my inability to stay still. I always have to be doing something. It was decades later that the Lord impressed on me to BE STILL and know that He is God, but that is a longer story! I also have a blog. I love when people comment me, so here, I am commenting you!

    May the Lord bless your taking this step of obedience in Him. May your words bring Him glory and give encouragements to many hearts.

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  2. Hi miss you at liquid kids. So first thing first i would love to see your blogs.

    Second thing my name is melissa. But my mom calls my missy cause when i was little my little sister couldent say my name so they decide missy would be ok. So its stuck but only my family calls me that name.

    Third long story short my moms friend took me to the beach one day when i was a toddler and i was so grump and tired didnt want to go in water or play in the sand my moms friend try to make me happy with every way she can but nothing. She then calls me fuss bucket. So when i was little and grumpy they called me that so embarrassed

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  3. Our youngest child is named Mary Hayes. We call her Hazy Cakes. And she named her pretend bakery ‘Hazy Cakes’. Best cakes this side of the Mississippi!

    Love you, Esther! Love that you are blogging!

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  4. Oh where to start with nicknames!? 😉 Over the years my friends have called me Kat/Katwoman/KitKat/Katmandu/Katrina and the Waves etc….the one I love the most: my dad still calls me his Peanut. Terms of endearment and intimacy are so important, aren’t they? Love you, Esther! You played such an important role in my spiritual formation – I thank God for you! And I love that you love Scrabble as much as I do! HA!


    1. I smiled “out loud” when I thought of your dad calling you his Peanut! Love your nicknames! And BTW, I’m not sure who had more of an impact, you or me (I think I might vote for you). PS…thanks for commenting… you are one of my fiercest opponents in Scrabble!


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