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The EstherGizer Bunny

“What’s your reason for waking up every morning?”  (Huffington Post)

I lay in the dark, my grandson’s eyelashes brushing against my neck as I held him close.  Only moments before, I had been power-washing a fence and had heard his cries over the monitor.  “Not yet, Broden,” I thought, “I have much to do.”

This has been my cry for as long as I can remember.  “Not yet, ___________ (fill in the blank with any given human in my life).  I have much to do.”  I am a doer, a cross-it–off-my-list person, and proud of all that I accomplish in a day.  My daughter, Sarah, calls me the “EstherGizer Bunny,” hence the blog post title.  I can accomplish more in a day than most can in a week.  It’s just true.

But today, that is not to be.  I have about 10 things I could be doing, all big projects that will supposedly “save the world,” including writing a meaningful blog post, organizing Sarah and Cody’s garage, making nutritious meals for Sarah as she goes back to school this week in her new position as a second grade teacher, writing another chapter in the book I am writing (BIG REVEAL IN ABOUT A YEAR), yada yada yada.

Today, I choose what my heart truly cries for.   I choose to stop saying “Not yet, _________.”  I choose love.  I choose holding Broden in the dark.  I choose relationship over task.  I choose dancing with Allen at the wedding of a friend tonight.  I choose being present to people over checking boxes.  I actually choose myself.  Those to do items will get done or THEY DON’T HAVE TO (good news for my EstherGizer Bunny heart).

If you need more today, read my Go with the Slow (I Love Turtles) post.  It was a great reminder for me once again as I was writing this.  It puts the EstherGizer Bunny right back where she is supposed to be.





Sappy, sarcastic, serious and spiritual hope-bringer. Eat my potato chips with milk.

14 thoughts on “The EstherGizer Bunny

  1. Nice reflections on the challenges of choices in the midst of multiple demands. It can be challenging to choose between 2 different relationships and/or tasks simultaneously demanding one’s presence & attention. It takes trying to hear the voice of the Spirit as “interruptions” come up throughout every day. Some days we get it right better than other times. Funerals (nice seeing you at Barbara’s graveside service 2 weeks ago) are reminders that we only have a finite number of days on this earth to accomplish the particular good works the Father has for us, including different levels of relationship w/ different people He brings into our lives.

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  2. how many times can I love this?!? ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
    I am so glad that you are sharing this Esther, I understand and have witnessed what you are describing. I know it’s real, and I know that only you know the extent of this struggle for balance, I would never want to minimize that struggle . . . at the same time I continue to be staggered at your ability and capacity to invest in the many others you love and care for. I am very thankful that I am one of them. ❤️

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