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TT (Season #01, Episode #01)

“It’s not happy people who are thankful.  It is thankful people who are happy.”  (Unknown)

Several years ago, our women’s group (we call ourselves the Beautiful Mess, which couldn’t describe us any better) read and walked through one of my all-time favorite books, One Thousand Giftsby Ann Voskamp.  The author had gone on a mission to find three things a day for one year for which she could find grace and beauty, gifts as she came to call them, and give thanks for them.  By the end of the year, she had accumulated over 1,000 of these gifts (for you non-math people, that’s 365 x 3 = 1,095), hence the name of the book.

This began my journey of thanks.  Since I am thankful-challenged, I downloaded an app simply called “thankful”, a private gratitude journal.  I began to keep track of one thing a day because my phone buzzed every night at 7 pm to remind me and I received one of those red notification circles that forced me to get rid of it. (How many are on your phone as you read this? I have to get rid of them at all costs.  It’s my mission in life.)  As of today, I am at 385 (and to confess, it’s been about 3 1/2 years, and now it’s your turn to do the math).

This prodded me to take another small step, this time posting one “someone” each day this past November on social media for which I was grateful.  It brought me great joy and kept me grounded during the holiday rush and gently reminded me of the people in my life that are true gifts (I can see you right now checking my Timeline to see if you might have been one of them).

My thanksgiving ritual extended beyond November as I started to share a “something” or “someone” each #thankfulthursday on social media.  Still not having overcome my thankful-challenged ways, I set a reminder each Thursday at 12 pm to receive another one of those very annoying red circles (yes, I deem them the bane of my existence).

And now here comes the “giant leap for mankind” in my gratitude journey.  After all, I do believe the quote above and certainly could use a little more happiness in my life.  I hope to send some your way as well.

Now, with no further ado, and what you actually came on the site to read, my week of thanks:

  • Headspace App (For those who have the same delightful disorder of anxiety that I do, this has been worth the cost.  In fact, last night when I was awake at 3 am, this was a life-saver and a sleep-giver.  Whoever you are, you British man with a soothing buttery voice, I could listen to you all day.)
  • Clematis in full bloom (This beauty welcomes me every time I open my garage door for three blissful weeks in late May, early June.)


  • Our Penguins winning the Stanley Cup (When we were getting married, my father-in-law was our best man.  His toast was the following:  “The three most important words in any marriage are the following:  Pirates, Penguins, Steelers.”  This has, I hate to admit, proven to be true.  Congrats to Syd the Kid and all the rest.  And to my adopted home city of Pittsburgh, PA.)
  • Some of the sweetest words ever spoken in our home on Wednesday by my son Josh:  “Sure Mom, I can make dinner.”  Enough said.
  • One of my “fifth children’s” bridal shower and having the privilege of mentoring her and her fiancee on their marriage journey.  #marriedtothemax
  • Hanging out at Lincoln Center watching my niece make our family look smart by becoming a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.  You go Court!
  • Lastly, all of you, my readers, my life-giving and hope-sharing readers (you just might be on this list every week).

You know the question I am going to ask today (and every Thursday for the future as we know it).  What are you thankful for this week?  Can’t wait to read all your comments below.  After all, I long for this to be journey we are sharing and the gifts you have received in the past few days matter to me!  I would be thrilled to hear them!




Sappy, sarcastic, serious and spiritual hope-bringer. Eat my potato chips with milk.

20 thoughts on “TT (Season #01, Episode #01)

  1. This one reminds me of Annie Dillard’s “finding pennies from heaven”.

    A few things that I am thankful for are…
    – our family
    – Dr Jim Owen
    – natural beauty
    – grace

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  2. I am thankful for the hot tea I am drinking as I type. Complete with Benefiber to keep things going. My first cup of tea is always made by Glenn each morning. It’s become a marriage ritual and always reminds me of his tender love.

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    1. Yippee for you! It only gets better from here (as far as the reading goes)…can’t make any other promises! LOL! I can’t wait for you to get to the point where you can write 🙂


  3. Esther, I am so enjoying your blog. Thanks for including me in it. I am thankful for so many things….This year is a year of gratitude for me (my word for the year) so my list is abundant. Some of the top things are: my relationship with my dear husband and the health to enjoy life together, the love of my family, my sweet grandchildren’s love and affection, living in a beautiful location near the beach, our mentoring ministry, the ability to read and my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ who makes all these things possible.

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  4. I am thankful for so many things but children are on the top of my list! My children, my grandchildren and children in general. They are the next generation and hold all the hope and promises for the future. They make me smile, keep me young and keep me on my toes!! I thank God for the children He has placed in my life!!

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  5. I am thankful for Pennsylvania tomatoey-tasting tomatoes, aromatic basil and fresh mozzarella drizzled in olive oil!

    On another more serious note, I am thankful (today, not most days) for struggles and difficult times. It just seems true (although I often wish it wasn’t) that there are certain things, certain depths, certain insights, we can only learn through these hard times. Thank you Lord!

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    1. Yes. Stephen. Yes. I am thankful for the struggles as well… you are an amazing man because you have a depth to you that is good for my soul! (Don’t get any weird ideas people…he’s my brother!)

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  6. I’m thankful for having had our youngest daughter Carrie here for 2 weeks and now our oldest son and his wife and our 2 grands here for 2 weeks! One flying back to America as I write and the others arrived from Brunei (near Malaysia) at 5 am this morning! TCKs!

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    1. Wow Donna! So much to be thankful for! TCKs is right. And now TCMoms! At least your life isn’t boring to say the least! Thanks for posting! It’s just good to be back in touch!


  7. I’m thankful for a date at the tearoom with my dear friend, complete with sugar cubes and tea cozies.

    I’m thankful that even though it was under hard circumstances I could sleep over the apartment at Locust Point one more night before this dear friend moves across the country

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  8. I am thankful for being part of this blog. I just enjoy it so much!!!!
    I am thankful for the beautiful mess 😍😘🙏🏻


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