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Hopefully No Mini-Mes on My Watch

“Today you are you.  That is truer than true.  There is no one alive that is youer than you.”  (Dr. Seuss)

Being a parent means supporting our kids to be fully who they are, not who we are or think they should be. It’s not about creating “Mini-MEs” but about birthing “YOUs”!!

For me, it means processing math lessons and listening to crazy student behavior with my teacher daughter, along with reminding her of how great of a mom she is on those tough days with a toddler (#allofthem)

It means hearing stories about ride-on mowers almost flipping over and buying chocolate muffins from Costco for my landscaper son.

It means asking (and then actually listening to the response) about the latest headphones on the market and being okay with my senior not wanting to walk at his college graduation.

Today, it means sitting in the back of a dark Sony sound studio after a very long flight and short night of sleep with my recording arts major watching her heart come alive and her dream come true! She does know what all those buttons do!

It’s not easy. It means we are stretched farther than we ever thought possible as we put aside our longing to hold them close and safe with the better choice of releasing them into the adventure of their own journeys!


What ways (big and small) are you doing this today for those you love??



Sappy, sarcastic, serious and spiritual hope-bringer. Eat my potato chips with milk.

6 thoughts on “Hopefully No Mini-Mes on My Watch

  1. I catch myself while showing Ian my passions reminding myself he is not me. While I hope he enjoys my hobbies and desires, my prayer is that my open heart participates in and enjoys what he loves. If it happy to be the METS then hallelujah 😉


    1. So great Raf! It always helps me to remind myself that God does that for us! He enjoys what we love and longs for us to pursue the person He made us to be 🙂 You are a great dad, Raf!!!


  2. Hi loved your post.
    I have to accept giving my children advice and then be happy with what they do with it.
    I LOVE my girls with all my heart. I pray for them every day for their protection and Gods Armor all around them.
    They are my babies and my granddaughter has my whole heart. I know we have guided them the best we know how with Gods her and his Love. I rest easy that they are who they are.
    Thanks Esther for your words and encouragement.


    1. I hear you Kris! You are a wonderful mom to them and now a grandma! It’s amazing to watch them grow and change and learn and be THEMSELVES! Love to you from me! We are all in this mom thing together!!!


  3. One of my daughters had the idea that a young friend of mine might be me replacing her with a more suitable “daughter.” I said “Oh my gosh I wouldn’t want you to be anyone any different than you are in every way!” Knowing that was big relief for her and helped our relationship a lot!


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