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Oh the Deep Deep Love of Jesus

I am overwhelmed by the deep deep love of Jesus this morning.

It’s the kind of overwhelmed where tears have reached my eyes and I cannot prevent them from leaking out.

It’s the kind of overwhelmed where these salty drops running down my cheeks are a very GOOD thing.

I share this two-minute song this morning.  Soak in the love of Jesus.  Rest right there.  There’s nothing better in the world to do.

From my heart to yours,


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3 thoughts on “Oh the Deep Deep Love of Jesus

  1. OH that’s the best kind of overwhelmed!! Thank you for sharing…the video reminds me of a part of the drive between Portland Oregon and California’s Bay Area. It runs through gorgeous mountains, and I tend to drive it with a big grin on my face of thankfulness to God for his handiwork. 🙂

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