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LOVE is Still Winning

It can feel like HATE is winning.  Fear creeps into our skin and buries deep within us, tearing our souls in shreds.  Despair tangles her knots around our spirits, attempting to blow out the tiny flickers of hope we carry inside.

Hate is NOT winning.  It will never win.

LOVE is winning.  LOVE will always win.


…mommy and daddy hold their newborn and shout, “We are so in love!” on social media and then take 1,345,428 pictures for the next year.

…married couple look deep into each other’s hurting eyes and say, “We will fight for each other.  Let’s go to a counselor.”

…toddler giggles at the sight of their aunt coming in the door, arms filled with gifts that only she can get away with giving.

…friend texts in the middle of the day and says, “I’m here.  Call me day or night.”

…teacher pulls her “spicy” student aside, and says, “I believe in you.”

…top executive makes his way to an inner city soup kitchen on a Friday night in the pouring rain.

…garbage collector rings your doorbell to remind you it’s Tuesday because your trash cans are still in your garage and then waits until you go running downing the driveway in your jammies with said cans flailing behind (#personalstory)

…gangly middle-schooler takes a risk to befriend the new kid who moved into the neighborhood.

…hospice worker cares tirelessly, going many extra miles, for the victim of a dreaded disease.

…person on the “other side” shares these words, “I hear you.  I see your point of view.”

…boss reminds a new and confused worker that failure is part of eventual success.

…grandpa plays “peek-a-boo” for the 48th time in the last 10 minutes.

…customer in the grocery store line steps aside and says, “Go ahead of me.”

…Savior sends a gorgeous rainbow to remind us of his promise never to leave us or forsake us.

…mechanic takes the time to help a stranger in need in the middle of Kansas on a cross-country trek (#anotherpersonalstory CLICK HERE)

…victim chooses forgiveness over revenge

…knowing smile that says, “me too,” sneaks to the lips of a stranger across the room.

…doctor takes the extra minute in the room and says, “I’m here to help.  You will not fight this alone.”

…roommate utters the precious words, “I’ll do the dishes tonight.”

Overwhelming peace quiets our desperate souls.  Hope is lit brightly again far down in our fledgling spirits.

It’s everywhere.  It’s all the time.

LOVE is winning.  LOVE will always win.



Sappy, sarcastic, serious and spiritual hope-bringer. Eat my potato chips with milk.

6 thoughts on “LOVE is Still Winning

  1. OMGoodness, Esther! Your words were extra poignant to me this morning.

    You see, living in the Bible belt as I am now, I have been having a hard time understanding how some “Christians” think. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve lamented having known you in my life and feeling grateful that I was given that gift. Now you have helped me with another quagmire that I have just been faced with. I feel the light in your heart and truly thank God for your words.

    Please let me explain, As I am want to do, I find joy in trying to give others joy. May not be much but getting someone to respond to the smile on my face and returning it gives my heart joy. But now, with the ever changing and apparent deluge of confusion with what is happening in our Gov’t, it truly affects us all and I was finding it hard to maintain that spirit myself.

    Last week, I went to do my normal shopping at a nearby grocery store where I have tried to share my optimistic self with all i see and, yes, I still get the, “Is she daft” look, but that’s OK with me. When I checked out, I noticed one of the cashier/baggers was doing my bagging and normally I don’t accept their offer to walk out to my car w/me, but something said otherwise to me when she asked and I gladly accepted.

    As we made our way to the car, I started a conversation that really had me wondering if I should have, but as I imagine that you do, Esther, I figured there is something that she needed to get off her chest. The conversation turned to the current state of affairs in the gov’t (again, a subject I don’t broach too often), but was a bit distressed when she was blaming all of our woes on the Democratic party. Again, not having been either a registered Dem or a Republican all my life UNTIL now (I thought having left DC behind us that this was a mute point), I could see the anger welling up in her face, not at me, but in our society overlooking what she (as I consider “one of the left-behind” members of society) and blaming this on Obama, on the right wing and whatever other “label” she was after to prove her point.

    I couldn’t agree with her, nor could I digest all the hatred she was spewing (sound like someone in the media?) I just attributed it to all the pro-tRump speak she was hearing on the local radio/TV, another subject that has been causing me great concern. So I let her finish her piece, wished her well for the balance of her day and I wished for myself a way to deal with others who I hear speak this rhetoric incessantly and won’t allow their hearts nor their heads to govern their God-given reasoning skills. Until today.

    …“I hear you. I see your point of view.”

    (Item #10 on your list)

    OMGoodness, that was it! That was the sign I was looking for.

    So, I am going to add to your followers list, I hope, by giving others, such as the Grocery store lady, something to consider reading when she gets all riled up. Because if you can still reach me, with God’s help maybe you can reach others and she can spread the word.

    A Beacon of Hope in the World.

    And, maybe with that, I can just grasp a glimmer for myself, to give me hope that I haven’t reached my own potential–that I still Do matter. I may not believe in an organized religion, however I do believe that our creator sends thoughts or shows us actions that are needed to be seen or heard by someone (even ourselves) to help that circle grow without us even knowing it. I do believe that He works in mysterious ways.

    PS: And, as an aside, my trying to work through the stroke that I’ve had, I am pleased to know that writing this in response to your WordPress article was not as confusing as it has been. So there is that (looking on the bright side). 8^)


    1. Thank you so much Florence! You are a bright beacon of hope in the world! YOU DEFINITELY STILL DO MATTER! ” I hear you and I see your point of view” might be one of the best sentences that we could ever speak out of our mouths . 🙂


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