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Two Babies

I wasn’t good at listening to pain in those early mom years.
I was good at getting things done.
I wasn’t good at facing loss in those early mom years.
I was good at never looking back.
I wasn’t good at sitting in grief in those early mom years.
I was good at looking at the “bright side.”
I lost two babies in the middle of all the other pregnancies that bore children and never skipped a beat. I got things done. I never looked back. I looked at the “bright side.”
This morning, as the reality of moving away from our family home in just a few short days, along with my grown-up children sleeping in homes far away,
I choose to skip a beat.
I choose to listen to my pain. I choose to not get things done. I choose to remember those babies whose names I will never know, who didn’t get to live in our family home and who are not now sleeping in homes far away.
I choose to face my loss. I choose to look back. I lost those babies. I am losing my home. I am losing my heavy-duty, active mom years.
I choose to sit right here for at least a few minutes with this gentle friend called grief. I choose to look at the shadow side. Those two precious souls who live with Jesus in heaven makes this mama heart sad. The truth that I will never sit around my beat-up kitchen table again with my kids makes me sad. The memories of little ones clutching my pant legs and teenagers sleepily coming down the stairs on Christmas morning makes me sad.
I choose to not rush to joy this morning. It’s really good in this place.


Sappy, sarcastic, serious and spiritual hope-bringer. Eat my potato chips with milk.

4 thoughts on “Two Babies

  1. Moving is joyous and sad all at the same time. I can relate to your last few blogs in a very real way as we also sold one house and bought another in 1998. So much to do and think about. We moved to Charlotte when I was 52 and moved to this house when I was 64. This is the longest we’ve been at any home. We have thoroughly loved it here. I still remember other homes in a happy reminiscent way, but have put down roots here like never before. I can’t think of moving again, but it is inevitable at our age.
    I do not write out my thoughts as you do, but they are there nonetheless.
    We will miss your home, too, and the kids have mentioned it several times. Many happy memories for us, too. We will be thinking of you on Wednesday as you move and hope it goes well. Love to you. Mom


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